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What Is DraftKings?
DraftKings is an innovative sports-tech and media entertainment platform changing the way consumers engage with their favorite sports, teams and athletes by bringing fans closer to the game. DraftKings, headquartered in Boston, MA, offers daily and weekly fantasy sports contests across ten professional sports in the U.S., Canada, United Kingdom, Malta, Germany, Ireland and Austria. Founded in 2012 by Matt Kalish, Paul Liberman and Jason Robins, DraftKings makes sports better and better sports fans by creating the ‘Game Inside the Game.’

What is Classic Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS)?
Classic Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) is similar to season-long fantasy sports with the key exception that the entire contest starts and ends in a much shorter time frame. Contests range from a single day to one week depending on the sport. Customers pick a team of players based on a salary cap and those players earn points based on their in-game performance. Customers test their skills and knowledge playing privately with friends or with other fans globally.

In which sports does DraftKings offer contests?
DraftKings offers contests across 13 sports, including NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, PGA, Soccer, CFL, NASCAR, MMA, and eSports.

What is Leagues?
Leagues allows players to start a fantasy league with their friends and create private contests exclusive to that group. DraftKings has the largest variety of daily fantasy sports contests to play with your friends.

Players can track their league’s overall standings, history and upcoming league contests online or in the mobile app. They can also check out their individual team’s stats overall or by sport and see how they measure up against their friends, creating a fun, competitive environment.

Leagues are fully customizable. Players can choose contests of any size (maximum 400), choose a free or paid entry fee, and determine the payout structure. You can learn more about DraftKings’ Leagues product here.

What is DK Live?
DK Live is a one-stop destination to customize your personal fantasy sports experience. It is the first ever play-by-play and sports news app built specifically for fantasy players. DK Live aggregates all of a player’s DraftKings contests, favorite players and proprietary insider information into a real-time news feed – it’s a personalized, stream of the fantasy sports updates that players need on game day.

Players can customize and curate their DK Live experience so they’re getting the exact information they need to stay ahead of the competition – from breaking news on player injuries to real-time Twitter data, DK Live makes it easy to follow the sports fans love from the palm of their hand. DK Live also allows players to toggle the fantasy scoring system to allow for other DraftKings’ game types (like Arcade Mode) as well as default scoring systems for season-long providers such as ESPN and Yahoo.

You can download DK Live for iOS or Android.

Where can customers go for more information that they’ll need to draft their lineups?
DraftKings offers multiple products that aggregate everything a true sports fans wants and needs whether they are watching their fantasy teams play in real life or simply enjoying sports. DraftKings recommends reading up on their Playbook site, DK Live App for iOS or Android, DKTV, DraftKings’ podcast, “The Edge” and show, “Pat Mayo Experience.”
Where does DraftKings currently operate?
DraftKings is currently available to consumers in the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, Ireland, Austria and Malta.
Is playing on DraftKings legal?
Yes, playing DraftKings is legal in 43 U.S. states and Washington, D.C., in Canada, the United Kingdom, Germany, Ireland, Austria and Malta. Daily fantasy sports legislation has been enacted in 19 states and DraftKings continues to work with lawmakers and government officials across the country to enact robust consumer protections and smart regulation. DraftKings does not currently operate in Arizona, Hawaii, Idaho, Louisiana, Montana, Nevada or Washington.

What contests do you offer to those new to DraftKings?
DraftKings structures their contests and works hard to provide a variety of options for players of all skill-levels to play our games:

    • Beginner Games: This is a feature that only “beginner/casual players” can participate in. Beginners are those who have played less than 50 contests on DraftKings.
    • Casual contests: These are available to any user who does not have a Highly Experienced Player badge at the time of entry. HEP badge is most commonly acquired by playing 500 contests.

What features has DraftKings introduced to ensure all customers have the best experience on the site regardless of their experience in playing fantasy sports?
At DraftKings, our customers are at the core of everything we do and we are focused on ensuring they can have the best experience with our product in a fun and safe environment.

    • Highly Experienced Player (HEP) Badges: DraftKings has implemented a badge system that designates experienced players and enables all players to identify that certain contests are being played by very experienced players.
    • Entry fee restriction for registered users from Germany: There is an entry fee restriction of $33 for registered users from Germany.
    • Games at different structures and price points: DraftKings offers games at a wide range of price points and structures so a player is able to participate in whatever type of game they choose; players can also set up their own game that can be public or private to allow people to play only with their friends.
    • Match-up blocker: We allow users to block certain players from playing against them, this gives users control over who they want to play on certain games on the site.
    • Identity verification: Every new user on both the mobile and website platforms has their identity verified during the initial sign-up and deposit process.
    • Geo-comply: DraftKings has partnered with GeoComply to employ its global market-leading Solus geolocation technology. This service provides innovative geolocation and anti-fraud solutions designed specifically for the Daily Fantasy Sports industry.
    • Responsible Gaming: We allow customers to self-impose customized contest-frequency and dollar limits. In addition, any players that opt-out of contests will be automatically opted-out of the DraftKings marketing database and will not receive marketing promotions from DraftKings.
    • Employee/Industry Restrictions: DraftKings employees are prohibited from playing in public contests for money on or any other daily fantasy sports site. Employees from other DFS companies are prohibited from playing on public games on DraftKings.
    • Ban on all third-party tools: DraftKings does not allow the use of third-party tools to interact with our site, this includes actions like scripting or scraping.

What is DraftKings’ Game Integrity and Ethics Committee?
We created an internal, independent Game Integrity and Ethics Team that actively monitors for any indication of activities which would violate current regulations governing Daily Fantasy Sports operators, our own Terms of Use, and the Community Guidelines such as collaboration, multi-accounting, funding other players and lineup buying, among more. Together, this team oversees a framework for the DFS player community to follow in determining when a customer crosses the line into an unfair advantage.

DraftKings actively monitors and investigates player behavior that may impact the integrity of the fantasy sports contests in order to preserve the safe, fair and competitive nature of our contests that you’ve come to know and love. For any conduct that compromises the integrity of the fantasy contests, the company may take disciplinary actions, suspension or permanent ban of a player’s account, other account restrictions and/or the seizing of funds.

You can learn more about DraftKings’ community guidelines here.
How does DraftKings protect personal information?
All of DraftKings confidential information is safeguarded by Secure Socket Layer, as represented by the padlock visible on any internet browser’s address tab. This ensures the security of any and all private information provided by the website. We encrypt all our private customer information, available to our staff only when pertinent. For more information, please see our privacy policy.

How does DraftKings protect customers’ funds?
DraftKings believes all fantasy sports operators should adhere to a strict policy of segregation of player funds, so that customers are always protected and 100% guaranteed to have access to their money.

As we work collaboratively with lawmakers and regulators across the country to pass fantasy sports legislation, it is critical our industry demonstrates a collective commitment to the segregation of funds and other consumer protection standards.

On DraftKings, users can play the fantasy games they love, confident their funds are always protected.