New Ways to Play Fantasy Football on DraftKings Arrive with Millions in Total Guaranteed Prizes

BOSTON (September 7, 2018) — The NFL season is back, and with it are the biggest and best ways to play fantasy football that DraftKings has ever offered. In honor of the NFL’s return, DraftKings will be giving away massive prizes, like its annual millionaire maker contest during Sunday’s main slate for $5 million in total payouts, including $1 million to first place. DraftKings is also introducing brand new ways to play while still offering annual favorites for its busiest sport, which saw more than 90 million paid contest entries last year.

“The return of football is our busiest time of year, and we look forward to it with more anticipation and enthusiasm every season,” said Jeffrey Haas, Chief International Officer at DraftKings. “We are able to tap into the growing NFL fan base around the world, with DraftKings acting as the second screen for people watching games in the UK, Ireland, Germany and Australia. We make it more fun to be a fan because you can compete with other fans at home, in their countries and around the world. DraftKings has been working tirelessly this offseason on several new game modes, including Flash Draft and Team Pick ‘Em, which we cannot wait for our customers to experience.

NFL fans will be able to play fantasy football on DraftKings in many ways, including:

– Flash Draft: Officially launching for Week 4 of the regular season, Flash Draft is a live, in-game concept that introduces a new, rapid drafting style to customers throughout an NFL game. Customers can play before the second, third or fourth quarters begin as well as during the commercial breaks of these same quarters. Once they’ve entered a contest, customers will have five rounds lasting only 15 seconds each to choose from three player options that change from round to round.

– Team Pick ‘Em: This new game style enables fans to “pick” the winners of each game that week, competing with others for shares of a set prize amount. Now those pressed for time can choose winners in a matter of minutes.

– Showdown: Showdown is back for its first full NFL season after debuting for last year’s postseason. In Showdown, customers select players from each team in one single-game matchup, including at least one player from either team, while staying under the $50K salary limit. This can include both offensive and defensive players. DraftKings will also be offering the Showdown Captain variant which features the same game dynamic as the regular Showdown, except one player can be designated to the Captain spot and is eligible for a bonus multiplier.

– Classic: DraftKings’ Classic mode featuring the $50K salary cap requires customers to create a lineup by selecting players listed in the Player Pool, but you must stay under the $50K cap. Customers can draft from all active players who will be playing during the given game slate.

– Tiers: Previously known as “Pick ‘Em,” DraftKings’ Tiers format offers curated lineup constructions without salary cap limitations. In Tiers contests, customers create a lineup by selecting players listed and tiered out in the Player Pool.

– Leagues: Skills can be further honed through private games and contests that can be accessed by just you and your chosen group of friends.

No matter the NFL players and teams that emerge this season, DraftKings is now offering more ways than ever to maximize how fun it can be to play, watch and engage in football, all season long.


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