DraftKings Skill for Alexa to Provide Real-Time and Historical DraftKings’ Stats for NFL

 BOSTON, Mass., September 28, 2017 – DraftKings, Inc., the leading global daily fantasy sports (DFS) platform, today announced its first integration with Amazon’s Alexa. DraftKings Skill for Alexa, “Ask DraftKings,” is a free DFS-oriented service to be offered this NFL season. The DraftKings Skill for Alexa will now bring real-time and historical DraftKings’ fantasy stats to millions of sports fans’ homes through Amazon’s voice service.

Through this integration, customers in the US and UK can ask DraftKings Skill for Alexa questions about specific players including DraftKings fantasy points earned, touchdowns scored, net yards and overall stats both in real time and historically. To receive information on an athlete, customers can enable the DraftKings Skill for Alexa and follow it with a player’s name by saying, “Alexa, Launch DraftKings. Tom Brady.” Alternatively, customers can simply ask, “Alexa, how many points does Tom Brady have?” If interested to hear an athlete’s DraftKings’ fantasy score from a specific week, customers must say “Ask DraftKings” followed by the player’s name and the given week, such as, “Alexa, how many points did Tom Brady earn in week 7 of the 2016 – 2017 season?”

In addition to fantasy football, “Ask DraftKings” will be expanding into new international markets and offer specific DFS relevant information on athletes for all 10 sports that DraftKings offers.

“We want to provide DraftKings customers another way to get real-time updates on their DFS players,“ said Jeremy Elbaum, Vice President of Strategic Partnerships. “Alexa has become an indispensable part of daily life for many consumers which makes it a clear choice for DraftKings as we expand into new platforms.”

”Ask DraftKings” is currently available in the Alexa Skills store. You can learn more about DraftKings Skill for Alexa, “Ask DraftKings,” here: http://bit.ly/2xBR2ze